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Marketa Zvelebil

Selected Publications

1. Patel, K., Stein, R., Benvenuti, S., Zvelebil, M.J. (2002) Combinatorial use of mRNA and two-dimensional electrophoresis expression data to choose relevant features for mass spectrometric identification. Proteomics 2, 1464-73.

2. Harris, R.A., Yang, A., Stein,R.C., Lucy, K., Brusten, L., Herath, A., Parekh, R., Waterfield, M.D., O'Hare, M.J., Neville, M.A., Page, M.J., Zvelebil, M.J. (2002) Cluster analysis of an extensive human breast cancer cell line protein expression map database. Proteomics 2, 212-223.

3. Systems biology of the Shear stress response: Computational modelling of the dynamics of the integrin-rho-actin signalling pathways. Lykostratis et al. In Preparation.

4. IPPI a knowledgebase integrating inflammation and signalling pathways, ligand-receptor and protein-protein interactions with cell type information. Ng et al. In Preparation.