Marco E. Bianchi
Francesco Blasi
Daniele D'Ambrosio
Manuel Fresno
›› Antonio Lanzavecchia
Federico Major Jr.
Paola Panina-Bordignon
Ruggero Pardi
Anne Ridley
Federica Sallusto
Francisco Sanchez-Madrid
Marcus Thelen
Bart Vanhaesebroeck
Marketa Zvelebil
Antonio Lanzavecchia
Affiliation: Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Goals: Our group is interested in understanding how signaling from antigen receptors, costimulatory molecules and cytokines determines lymphocyte fate. Our working hypothesis is that lymphocyte differentiation is a progressive process determined by the cumulative strength of stimulation (i.e. intensity and duration) resulting from the stochastic exposure of T cells to antigen presenting cells and cytokines.

Achievements: Definition of mechanisms of antigen capture, processing and presentation by B cells and DC. Definition of mechanisms of TCR triggering and signal amplification by CD28. Definition of hierarchical thresholds for T cell differentiation. Definition of mechanisms that maintain short-term and long-term serological memory.