BioXell, SpA
Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University College
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

Participating Institutions

Extensive information concerning the research, training and educational activities of the participating institutions can be retrieved from the dedicated institutional web sites. A temporary link ( has been created to allow real time access to both the institutions and the individual scientists’ academic and scientific profiles. All participating Institutions have longstanding experience in qualified training of and mentorship to graduate students, both at the national and international level and have long been recognized as leading Centers for biomedical research world-wide. All Institutions have an international students’ branch in their Graduate Studies offices, to facilitate integration and residency of foreign students. The academic Institutional Coordinators of INTEGRAMM (Prof. R. Pardi, Milan; Prof. A. Ridley, London; Prof. F. Sanchez-Madrid, Madrid and Prof. A. Lanzavecchia, Bellinzona) all have major responsibilities in their local graduate program organizations. All the members of the Board of Teachers belonging to the academic research Centers have formal academic appointments and previous experience of graduate students’ mentoring, ranging from 8 (Passini) to over 50 students (Blasi). BioXell SpA, the industrial partner in this Consortium, has long been a component of the San Raffaele University Graduate Programs and Biotechnology School’s curricular activities.<br>

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