Marco E. Bianchi
Francesco Blasi
Daniele D'Ambrosio
Manuel Fresno
Antonio Lanzavecchia
Federico Major Jr.
Paola Panina-Bordignon
Ruggero Pardi
Anne Ridley
Federica Sallusto
Francisco Sanchez-Madrid
›› Marcus Thelen
Bart Vanhaesebroeck
Marketa Zvelebil
Marcus Thelen
Affiliation: Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Goals: We focus on signal transduction occurring in close proximity to chemokine receptors and leading to cell migration. Of particular interest are pathways that cause the activation of distinct PI 3 kinase isoforms, GTP exchange factors (GEF) and RhoGTPases, and regulate receptor desensitization.

Achievements: We obtained evidence for at least three physiologically relevant scenarios which demonstrate differences of the signaling properties of chemokine receptors depending on receptor ligand interactions and on the environment where the receptor is expressed.