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Affiliation: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Goals: Cyclooxigenases (COXs) mediate the synthesis of prostaglandins from arachidonate. COX-1 shows a constitutive expression in different cell types and is involved in the homeostatic function of prostaglandins. In contrast, COX-2 expression can be induced by a number of mitogenic, inflammatory, and pro-oncogenic stimuli and plays a key role in a variety of processes, including the onset of the inflammatory response, mitogenesis, angiogenesis, and tumor progression and

Achievements: Mice: COX-2-/- and other KO mice; Stable COX-2 and various prostaglandin synthetases inducible transfected T cell lines. Immunological assays. Signal transduction assays. Expression of adhesion molecules and adhesion to EC monolayers. Modulation by proinflammatory cytokines. Our lab has good animal and proteomics facilities.