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Federico Major Jr.
Affiliation: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Goals: the main objectives of our group are: a) to understand the mechanisms governing GRK2 and GRK6 expression and degradation in immune cells and their relevance in promoting changes in their levels under pathological conditions; b) to contribute to identify the network of functional links and interactions of GRK2, GRK6 and beta-arrestins with other cellular proteins; and c) to investigate the effect of changes in the expression/functionality of these proteins on key signal transduction pathways and cellular functions mediated by chemokine receptors, by using both cellular models and heterozygous GRK2-deficient mice.

Achievements: In recent years, our laboratory has contributed to a better knowledge of: 1) chemokine receptor desensitization and signalling mechanisms; 2) the mechanisms governing the expression levels and functionality of GRKs in different cell types;3)identification of new cellular functions and substrates for GRKs.