Marco E. Bianchi
Francesco Blasi
Daniele D'Ambrosio
Manuel Fresno
Antonio Lanzavecchia
Federico Major Jr.
Paola Panina-Bordignon
Ruggero Pardi
›› Anne Ridley
Federica Sallusto
Francisco Sanchez-Madrid
Marcus Thelen
Bart Vanhaesebroeck
Marketa Zvelebil
Anne Ridley
Affiliation: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University College

Goals: Our goal is to understand how inflammatory stimuli affect endothelial cell biology. In addition, we aim to elucide the signalling pathways activated in T cells and in endothelial cells following their interaction. The overall aim is to identify key signalling proteins that could be targets for therapeutic intervention in chronic inflammation.

Achievements: We have made a major contribution to our understanding of how Rho family GTPases regulate cell morphology and migration. In terms of endothelial cell biology, we have identified early changes in endothelial cell morphology induced by TNF, which were previously uncharacterized. In addition, we have shown that RhoA plays a key role in endothelial responses to leukocyte adhesion.