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BioXell, SpA

BioXell (a spin-off of Roche) is a recently constituted company with a strong focus on drug discovery and development in the field of inflammatory and urological disorders. Basic research on the molecular basis of inflammatory processes is one of the major strength of BioXell with several research activities ongoing in the field of immunology and inflammatory diseases. Ongoing projects are directed at exploring the potential role that a series of selected receptors play in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases by regulating activation, survival and migration of different types of inflammatory cells. The goal of this work being the identification of novel molecular targets suitable for drug discovery. Validated molecular targets may then enter a drug screening program consisting in setting up a biochemical or functional assay that allows screening of large chemical libraries to find small molecule agonist/antagonists (HITS) for further LEAD compound development by iterative cycles of medicinal chemistry and biological testing. BioXell will also provide training on diverse topics that are critical to the drug research and development process in a pharmaceutical industry. Besides scientific and technical supervision, specific training will be available in the area of project management with complementary training on issues related to protection of intellectual property, business and clinical development.