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The Department of Molecular Biology of the Free University of Madrid has a longstanding tradition in graduate education, with a strong emphasis on the international dimension of graduate courses, as testified by the fact that students enrolled in the various programs in the last 5 years came from 11 foreign countries. The Department is strongly linked to the Centro de Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBM) which was conceived as a multidisciplinary, basic research facility on Molecular Biology with strong connections to the clinical aspects of biomedical research. Multidisciplinary, integrated research is an asset of the Department, CBM and other associated Centers, having many experts in the various fields related to the proposal as cell and molecular biology, neurobiology, immunology, oncology cardiovascular, biotechnology microbiology and genetics. The Department, CBM and other associated Centers provide sufficient space and equipment for hosting students and visiting scientists on a temporary basis, and fully equipped laboratories. The University is associated to 2 of the largest Madrid Hospitals (La Paz and Ramon y Cajal).